1960 Mid Century Easy Chair Model B 310 Var in Denim

1960 Mid Century Easy Chair Model B 310 Var in Denim

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Price per chair. Two chairs are available in this colour.


These are a very famous chairs, model B-310 VAR, that was manufactured in the 60's in Poland. The chairs were produced mainly for export to other countries with a limited number available to local market. They have undergone a complete restoration process. They have been stripped down, all the insides were replaced, foams, inner linen, support belts and re upholstered in navy blue textile. The shape has been kept in every detail as original. Wood has been sanded, stained and secured with matt varnish exposing beautiful wood grains. Fabric used is of high quality, easy to wash, strong and fire retardant.


Model: B 310 Var


Country of Manufacture: Poland 


Period: Mid Century

Date of Origin: circa 1960


Material: Wood, Textile

Color: Navy Blue

  • Dimensions

    Height - 76 cm  I  Width - 62 cm  I  Depth - 78 cm  I  Seat Height - 37 cm

  • Condition

    Fully Restored

  • Delivery

    London - £35

    1 - 7 days.


    UK - £55

    3 - 14 days.