Mid Century Modern Vintage Armchair​ from 1960's

Mid Century Modern Vintage Armchair​ from 1960's





Chair has been fully restored. Backrest cushion covered in fabric, seat cushion covered in composition leather has been fitted with a zip for easy maintenance.


Fabrics used are the highest quality.

The shape has been kept in every detail as original.



Period: Mid Century

Date of Origin: circa 1960

Color: Black


Material: Beech wood, Composition Leather


Comparison Chart: Traditional Leather vs Composition Leather


Why use composition leather as an alternative to traditional leather?

Composition leather has all the natural benefits of traditional leather plus it is more eco-friendly, saves wastage, is lighter (for less fuel consumption), more durable, both cheaper and easier to keep clean and can be relied on for consistency of colour and texture. Here’s how composition leather stacks up as the best alternative on the market today. 



E-Leather® composition leather



Leather hide (at widest point): 914.4mm. Length: 2,286mm.

Less wastage, more cost-effective – Cut from rolls 1,400mm wide.

Can be prone to cracking, tearing and puncturing, especially bonded leather.

Resistant to cracking, tearing and puncturing – Its unique core reinforcement textile provides high performance, improving its quality and feel.

Prone to scuffs and scratches.

More durable – Scuff and scratch resistant thanks to an easy to keep clean PU coating.

Weight disadvantage, particularly to transportation applications.

Up to 50% lighter – Helping transport companies save on fuel consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

Inconsistent texture – Made from hides which can be looser and more stretchable in the belly and flank areas and relatively tight across the backbone.

Uniform texture – Made from leather fibres and given an artificial pattern for a consistent flawless finish and feel.

Inconsistent shade – Each hide is different and has a unique grain texture. This results in the dyes and finishes penetrating the grain in varying degrees.

Uniform shade – Made from leather fibres and pigmented for a consistent flawless colour.

Can be fairly rigid limiting applications.

More flexible and easier to sew.

Cleaning detergents and leather restorative products needed as well as the associated time and costs.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth – No chemical cleaners or costly cleaning maintenance needed to continually look good.

Leather is expensive, pricing itself out of large-scale upholstery applications in particular.

Composition leather is a better value alternative to traditional leather.

  • Dimensions:

    Height - 65 cm  I  Width - 68 cm  I  Depth - 72 cm  I  Seat Height - 37 cm

  • Condition

    Fully Restored

  • Delivery

    Estimated Price: £35.00 - £100.00

    Estimated Time: 1 day to 2 weeks