Pair of Paul Bode Lounge Chairs 1955

Pair of Paul Bode Lounge Chairs 1955





These lounge chairs were designed by the German architect Paul Bode in 1955 for the German company 'Deutsche Federholzgesellschaft' in Kassel. Armchairs are especially constructed in that the seat and backrest are not connected to each other, creating a springing effect when sat on. Chairs went through a complete restoration process, all insides were replaced and covered in trendy Yellow/Mustard upholstery.


Fabrics used are the highest quality.


The shape has been kept in every detail as original.



Designer: Paul Bode


Manufacturer: Deutsche Federholzgesellschaft


Country of Origin: Germany

Period: Mid 20th Century

Date of Origin: circa 1950


Material: Wood, Upholstery

Color: Yellow Mustard

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  • Dimensions

    Height - 76 cm

    Depth - 63 cm

    Width - 58 cm

  • Condition

    Fully Restored



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