Set of 4 Mid Century Dining Chairs in Black by Beautility LOFTME

Set of 4 Mid Century Dining Chairs in Black by Beautility


Price is for the set of four. 


Rare dining chairs from 1960's by Beautility furniture maker. All are in good vintage condition with a beautiful patina here and there. The chairs features soft padded seats covered in black leather. Very stable and comfortable.  


Beautility began in 1896 when 24 year old Simon Sadovsky opened a cabinet makers shop in the Shorditch area of London. The 1908 phone book lists Sadovsky Brothers at 55 Austin Street. They crafted fine reproduction furniture in mahogany and walnut, wrapped the pieces in canvas and packed them in wood crates, then sent them to Scotland. The firms in Scotland exported the furniture to the United States. By 1927 the firm owned a factory in Scawfell Street, as well as an office with a showroom on Hackney Road. By 1929 the Scawfell factory was moved to a new factory in Ezra Street. The brothers wanted to make more modern furniture so they proceeded to manufacture fine bedroom and dining room suites along with reproduction pieces like wine tables, nest tables, lamp standards, etc. Ronald Sadovsky went on to train in producing working drawings for his furniture designs manufactured what became Beautility Furniture Ltd (named by youngest brother Harvey, or "Chi", from the terms "beautiful and useful"). Chi handled marketing for the company. Brother Gerald emigrated to the U.S.A. to work at Freshman's Radio who manufactured radios with the latest mass production methods for the period. In 1931 new offices and factory were occupied at Angel Road, Edmonton. Beautility Furniture Ltd. became a publicly traded company in 1935 and was producing 1,000 dining suites (sideboard, table, 4 chairs) each week until 1939, when war broke out. During the war years the Ministry of Supply requested the Beautility factory make ammunition boxes and other items for the war effort. When the war ended the Board of Trade requested they only make utility furniture, along with the other furniture manufacturers, as needed for reconstruction. Design restrictions were lifted in 1949/1950. Come 1957, Beautility took over furniture manufacturing firm "Supersuites". Later that year the two older brothers retired (the youngest one had passed away at age 39). On retiring, they sold their controlling interest in Beautility to the firm Bowaters. From Bowaters, Beautility was sold to Frank Austin of Austinsuites, then to Stonehill Furniture, Ltd., then to The Morris Group of Glasgow, Scotland in 1999 and re-branded as Zone Furniture.


Maker: Beautility


Country of origin: UK


Period: Mid Century 

Date of Origin: 1960s

Material: Leather, Wood

Color: Black, Tan

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