Small Mid Century Lounge Chairs in Velvet 1960 Champagne Pink Compact Armchair

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These chairs from 1960's went through a complete restoration process. Chairs have been stripped down, all the insides were replaced, foams, inner linen, support belts and upholstered in champagne pink velvet.


Chairs are perfect for a smaller room or quiet corner. They are small in size yet very comfortable to seat on. 

Fabrics used are the highest quality.

The shape has been kept in every detail as original.



Period: Mid Century

Date of Origin: circa 1960


Material: Wood, Velvet


Color: Champagne Pink, Brown

  • Dimensions

    Height - 79 cm  I  Width - 56 cm  I  Depth - 56 cm  I  Seat Height 40 cm

  • Condition

    Fully Restored

  • Delivery

    Estimated Price: £35.00 - £100.00

    Estimated Time: 1day to 2 weeks