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Model FD - 164 by Arne Vodder for France & Søn, High Back Teak Recliner

Model FD - 164 by Arne Vodder for France & Søn, High Back Teak Recliner


Lounge chair FD 164 designed by Arne Vodder for France & Son. The chair's back and seat recline in three positions. Chair went through a complete restoration process. New cushions have been made and covered in grey wool. Teak wood has been sanded and preserved with special teak wood oils. Fabrics used are the highest quality. The shape has been kept in every detail as original.


Designer: Arne Vodder


Model: FD-164


Manufacturer: France & Søn / France & Daverkosen


Place of Origin: Denmark


Period: Mid Century

Date of Origin: circa 1960


Material: Teak Wood, Wool


Color: Grey


Arne Vodder was born in Denmark in 1926. Trained as a cabinetmaker and architect, he studied under Finn Juhl at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, graduating in 1947. After school, he worked as a designer at Hindsgaul in Copenhagen, focusing primarily on office décor. In 1950, Vodder launched his own architecture and design studio with architect Anton Borg. Over the years, the studio moved to a few locations within Copenhagen before ultimately settling in the suburb of Holte, north of the city. Together, the two designed furniture as well as several low-cost houses. Vodder and Borg collaborated until the 1970s.

Vodder is best known for his furniture designs, which tended to be simple pieces composed of natural materials such as rosewood and teak, often inspired by the natural forms, and occasionally accented with colorful panels. Vodder worked with several respected brands throughout his career, designing cabinetry, tables, seating, and more for furniture makers Fritz Hanson, France & Søn, Nielaus, Sibast, Kircodan (for which he designed garden furniture), as well as the department store Havemanns Magasin A/S (for which he designed the interiors), among others.

While Vodder is less well known today than some of his contemporaries, his work was well received throughout his lifetime. In fact, between the 1950s and ’70s, Vodder’s furniture designs were used by President Jimmy Carter in the White House and President Anwar Sadat in Cairo, and were also included in the United Nations Office in Geneva, as well as in a number of hotels, banks, and embassies worldwide. 

Arne Vodder passed away in 2009.


France & Søn—and its predecessor, France & Daverkosen—are among the most sought after names on the vintage market today. Numerous pieces that are still in circulation retain their original identifying labels and were designed by major midcentury Danish designers, like Hvidt & Mølgaard, Grete Jalk, Finn Juhl, Arne Vodder, and Ole Wanscher. It's surprising, then, that so little information about the company's history and evolution has survived.

  • Dimensions

    Height - 99 cm  I  Width - 78 cm  I  Depth - 84 cm  I  Seat Height - 41 cm

  • Condition

    Fully Restored

  • Delivery

    London - £35

    1 - 3 days.


    UK - £55

    3 - 14 days. 

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