Flototto Mid Century Chairs

Flototto Children Chairs, 1970's


Price is per one chair. Six chairs are in stock. 


Flototto company started producing school furniture back in the 1950s. Within a short space of time, the name Flötotto became synonymous with a new form of dynamic seating thanks to the flexible, ergonomic seat shell made from PAGHOLZ®. The Flötotto shaped seat that accompanied generations is still a piece of sophisticated culture for every day and has secured Flötotto a place in design history.


Fully functional in very good condition.  

The shape has been kept in every detail as original.




Designer: Elmar Flöttoto


Manufacturer: Flotottto, Pagholtz


Country of Origin: Germany

Period: Mid Century

Date of Origin: circa 1970

Material: Chrome Plating, Plywood, Steel

Color: Brown, Dark Rosewood

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  • Dimensions

    Height - 65 cm

  • Condition


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